Community Interviews

Yakima, WA Pacific Northwest Pear Grower What’s the history of your farm? My great grandfather purchased the land in 1917 and he raised cattle. It wasn’t until 1955 that he and my grandfather planted their first pear orchard. I started working in the orchard during the summer when I was 10 or 12 years old,… Continue Reading Grower Interviews: Chris Morton

Sundquist Fruit Pacific Northwest Pear Grower How did Sundquist Fruit get started in the business of growing pears? My great grandfather founded our business in the mid 1920’s when he began managing five-acre orchard tracts in the Gleed area in Yakima Country, Washington, for east coast investors. Our first pear orchard was planted in 1925,… Continue Reading Grower Interviews: Andrew Sundquist

Adam McCarthy Pacific Northwest Pear Grower Tell us about McCarthy Family Farm’s pear growing heritage. I’m a second-generation pear grower taking on the challenge and rewards of managing our family farm in Mt Hood, Oregon, a premier region for pear cultivation. The family’s legacy on the mountain started in 1910 when my great grandfather homesteaded… Continue Reading Grower Interviews: Adam McCarthy