Ripe and ready with the flavor kids crave

Pacific Northwest canned Bartlett pears are the top choice for quality and convenience for any school.

K-12 Schools

Kids Love Pacific Northwest Canned Pears

Sweet, juicy and packed with flavor, canned pears are a healthy food that kids absolutely love. Whether as a salad bar feature, a topping on desserts, pizza, and breakfast items or as an ingredient in smoothies, muffins, sandwiches, soups, salsas, dressings, burgers, or pasta… their versatility is limitless.

Our pears proudly bear the “Product of the USA” label, which means Pacific Northwest Canned Pears meet the “Buy American” school foodservice purchasing mandates and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) grade standards to ensure quality, product integrity, and safety, which means you’re serving the best tasting, highest quality food to your students.

Pacific Northwest Bartlett pear growers and canners proudly produce an annual supply of top quality canned pears expressly for school foodservice programs. A selection of canned pear forms is available through the USDA commodity program or from your distributor. Check the label to be sure the pears you receive are USA grown!


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Buy American

Kids care about taste, and the best tasting canned pears are made in the USA. Grown and canned in the ideal conditions of the Pacific Northwest, and tended by growers who have been cultivating pears for generations, quality is the top priority. Meet school foodservice purchasing mandates and watch as your students eat more fruit with Pacific Northwest canned pears.


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