Grower Interviews

Yakima, WA Pacific Northwest Pear Grower Q: How did you get started in the pear business? A: My dad bought a 36-acre ranch in the Yakima Valley a month after I was born. After military service, my wife and I took over the ranch in 1976. We replanted trees and also started a honey bee… Continue Reading Grower Interviews: Eric Olson

Chris Morton Yakima, WA Pacific Northwest Pear Grower Q: What’s the history of your farm? A: My great grandfather purchased the land in 1917 and he raised cattle. It wasn’t until 1955 that he and my grandfather planted their first pear orchard. I started working in the orchard during the summer when I was 10… Continue Reading Grower Interviews: Chris Morton

Andrew Sundquist, Orchardist, Sundquist Fruit Pacific Northwest Pear Grower Q: How did Sundquist Fruit get started in the business of growing pears? A: My great grandfather founded our business in the mid 1920’s when he began managing five-acre orchard tracts in the Gleed area in Yakima Country, Washington, for east coast investors. Our first pear… Continue Reading Grower Interviews: Andrew Sundquist

Adam McCarthy Pacific Northwest Pear Grower Q: Tell us about McCarthy Family Farm’s pear growing heritage. A: I’m a second-generation pear grower taking on the challenge and rewards of managing our family farm in Mt Hood, Oregon, a premier region for pear cultivation. The family’s legacy on the mountain started in 1910 when my great… Continue Reading Grower Interviews: Adam McCarthy