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Always ripe and always ready, sweet and tasty Pacific Northwest Canned Bartlett Pears are a natural favorite with families, schools and foodservice all year long.



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Growers and Canners Tell Their Story about USA Canned Bartlett Pears

The Pear Advantage in Foodservice

Peeled, poached, and ready to use anytime, anywhere, any season, canned pears give foodservice operators an edge by allowing them to save time, reduce waste, and maintain consistency. Whether creating menus for foodies or families, students or patients, enjoy convenience, value, and boundless flexibility with Pacific Northwest canned Bartlett pears.

Buy American

Hands down, the best tasting canned pears are grown, harvested and packed in the USA. Bartlett pears — an heirloom pear variety that has the perfect sweetness and texture for canning — thrive in the most ideal growing conditions for pears, the Pacific Northwest. Tended by growers who have been cultivating pears for generations, quality and food safety is their priority. The hand-picked pears are delivered to nearby canneries within hours of harvest, then ripened just before canning.

You’re not only supporting American agriculture, you’re meeting consumer demand for food that’s locally grown. But most of all, you’re getting great flavor and the highest quality which means your family, students, or guests will love what they’re eating – and come back for more.

About Canned Pears

The Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Service (PNCPS) was organized in July 1996 and grew from the combination of several Bartlett pear industry organizations that date back to 1954. Today, more than 1,400 family farms across Washington and Oregon provide their pears to local processors and fund the PNCPS marketing programs.

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