School foodservice operators show us what they “CAN DO” with USA-grown canned pears in our annual CAN DO Challenge!

USA-grown canned pears are the world’s most flavorful and flexible fruit. (At least we think they are!) So we asked K-12 schools to show off all that they can do. Our annual CAN DO Challenge winners showed off their creative, unexpected and just plain goooood recipes featuring canned pears. Join us in celebrating these winning recipes!

2019 Winners

First Place

Grilled Chicken with Sweet and Sour Bartlett Pear Sauce
Submitted by Gloria Stoverink
Jackson High School, Jackson, MO

This recipe features canned pears in an unexpected Asian dish that combines grilled chicken, fresh bell peppers and canned pears. The canned pear juice is also used to sweeten and add a subtle natural pear flavor to their homemade sweet and sour sauce. This recipe can be served over rice or shredded lettuce as a lighter entrée for high school students.

Second Place

Canned Pear Hulk Smoothie
Submitted by Annette King
Centennial Arts Academy, Gainesville, GA

A fun and appealing smoothie that shows the power of a creative name to engage Pre-K-5th grade students. The bright green smoothie with spinach and yogurt features both canned pears and the juice. Centennial Arts Academy held a taste test with a group of students to confirm just how “yummy” this recipe is.

Third Place

Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Salsa
Submitted by Joshua Bain
Elizabeth Area School District, Elizabeth, PA

Canned pears are featured in an unexpected fruity twist in the school’s made-from-scratch salsa. The foodservice team combines equal parts canned pears and tomatoes and purees half of that mixture with classic salsa ingredients to create an appealing texture and consistent flavor. What a great way to encourage K-12 students to try fish!